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Cleaning and Caring for Designer Leather Shoes:

A brief guide on how to clean and care for your designer leather and suede shoes:

white leather shoes

Cleaning and Caring for Designer Leather Shoes:

White sneakers

1. Regular Maintenance:

  • Wipe your leather shoes with a soft, damp cloth to remove surface dirt.

  • Use a horsehair brush to gently buff the shoes and maintain their shine.

2. Deep Cleaning:

  • Mix mild soap with water and use a soft cloth to clean more stubborn stains.

  • Avoid using excessive water; leather doesn't respond well to soaking.

3. Conditioning:

  • Apply a high-quality leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple.

  • Follow product instructions for the best results.

4. Storage:

  • Keep leather shoes in a cool, dry place to prevent mold and mildew.

  • Use shoe trees to maintain their shape and absorb moisture.

Cleaning and Caring for Designer Suede Shoes:

Suede sneakers

1. Brushing:

  • Use a suede brush or eraser to gently remove dry stains and revive the nap.

  • Brush in one direction to avoid damaging the delicate fibers.

2. Stain Removal:

  •  For wet stains, blot with a clean cloth and let them air dry.

  •  Use a suede cleaner for more stubborn stains, following the product instructions.

3. Waterproofing:

  •   Apply a suede protector spray to repel water and prevent stains.

  •   Reapply as needed, especially before wearing in rainy conditions.

4. Storage:

  •   Store suede shoes in a breathable bag to protect them from dust.

  •   Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, as it can fade the color.

Remember, with proper care, cleaning your designer leather and suede shoes will allow them to always look stylish and well-maintained.

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